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Yahoo vs. Gmail July 2, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

One of the things I like to use is web based e-mail. It makes better sense when I am on the road it makes e-mail very easy to administer and write e-mails. Also I dont have to worry about my POP3 e-mail accounts cluttering up my laptop and if I need a certain mail or want to access it when I get home, I dont have to go through all the trouble of moving the mail. I have traditionally used Yahoo mail for my web based e-mail, then Gmail popped up and I was really excited about it until I realized that I can’t get a mail account with Gmail without an invitation. Im not buying one from eBay and I am not begging for it either, one of my friends has said he would send me an invitation when he got one but he has yet to be authorized for it. So I continued to use my faithful Yahoo account that I have had for 6 years. Yahoo rcently bumped up the accounts to 125 mb. Kool compared to the 6 mb that was my limit. So now I question, Why would I need Gmail? I mean cmon, am I going to need 1 gig of e-mail space? I doubt it. Right now I have 230 e-mails in my Yahoo account and I am using 1 percent of my e-mail box on Yahoo. The more Gmail stays in public testing the more I decide that I really dont need it. Besides, Yahoo offers me more than Google ever will. I have IM and website space with Yahoo. So Google, until you offer the other solutions that Yahoo offers, guess what. Im staying with Yahoo.



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