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Are the Browser wars back July 5, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Slate, Microsofts online MSN Magazine recently ran the article where the author says that Firefox trumps Internet Explorer. In a way I agree with him. The Mozilla and Netscape browsers are years ahead of where Internet Explorer is. Microsoft has got to advance their browser offering in order to really strengthen their position and to maintain the top slot.
I sometimes wish Apple would offer their Safari Browser for Windows. But for Microsoft to even maintain the ability to compete they need to do several things.

1. Do a security overhaul. Fix whats broken even if it means taking IE out of Windows.

2. Maintain standards compliance. Microsoft for so long has broken the net, its time for them to fix it. Use the standards set forth by the W3C. Dont try to create your own.

3. Ditch Active X controls. They are the cause of over 90% of web exploits. Its time to rethink the whole approach

4. Put tabbed browsing in IE. Tabbed browsing is really nice and gets rid of desktop clutter and it does improve productivity.

If Microsoft is really starting to listen to the customer. Either get with the ball game or they will lose. Either improve IE or take it out and offer your competitors browser.


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