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Micheal Robertson blows smoke once more July 7, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Michael Robertson and Questar, a computer maker in Italy, made a dazzling announcement today. Questar is selling Linspire preloaded on Dell PC’s the Optiplex model to be exact with Dells Gold Tech support package. Dells Gold support means that if you have a hardware or software problem they come to your site and they fix it. The only problem is that Dell has no clue what Questar is talking about and they have said that they will support the hardware but not the software that comes preinstalled. Michael Robertson has blown smoke about Desktop Linux support before, a couple of years ago he stated that AOL gave him a special license to preinstall the Netscape Browser and Access AOL mail and services with it and that Lindows was working exclusively with AOL to bring the AOL software to desktop Linux. AOL refutted and said Robertson was smoking crack, Robertson refutted and said no he wasnt and that he had the contract to prove it, which I might add he nevcer produced, and then a couple of months later AOL came along and killed the Netscape division and started using IE as the default browser. Most recently, Robertson and company said that LSongs, their own PROPRIETARY (Kinda strange to make a proprietary application and claim Open Source is your friend) music application, supports downloading and organizing playlists on the Dell DJ and claimed another partnership with Dell. Once again Dell doesnt know what in the bloody, bluest blazes of hell he is talking about and they will not support any problems with the Dell DJ using any other application except MusicMatch. Robertson has a unique way of twisting the truth while Michael may claim Microsoft to be the lying, cheating, monopolist demon that comes into your windows at night, no pun intended, and eat your children, he has a major problem being truthful. My main issue with this is that Dell is not offering tech support on the software and Questar doesn’t strike me as the type of company that can offer the support that Grandma needs. Grandma and the other average computer users do not know how to change runlevels and unload/load modules to install a device driver. They do not know what ./configure + make + make install do and probably could give a crap less. Do not get me wrong, I am not knocking desktop Linux. If thats what the consumer wants then give it to them but I have yet to see a Desktop Linux company that is offering any kind of training or high level of support that can give my non-geek mother, brother, sister and lover the know how on how to use, configure, and troubleshoot a Linux installation. I did it to my mom, I installed SuSE Linux on her system for her and she loved it. But the minute she had a major problem, dont ask me how but her root filesystem became corrupted and rendered her computer unusable. I was at PDC and she had to wait until I got back to fix it for her. During my week absence she lost days of work and productivity. That was the last time I recomended Desktop Linux for a non-geek computer user.



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