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Goodbye Internet Explorer July 9, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Todays web chat with the IE team was very unfulfilling. The important questions were deflected and whether further improvements to IE were forthcoming and they reiterated that there will be no IE 7 standalone edition. They said that Windows versions will be the new vessels of delivery for new versions of IE, which means that they do plan to integrate it further. Microsoft is full of smart guys and why they can’t see that their tight integration is one of the major faults of IE. When the web browser is being used now to explout the OS, its no longer a question of IF people can explout your browser, its a question of WHEN people will exploit your browser. Also, not offering future browser revisions to your customers is moronic. I doubt anyone will upgrade to Longhorn for IE 7. the general concensous among IT pro’s is. If it aint broke dont fix it so I dont see hordes of Windows 2000 users rushing to Longhorn ofr a browser upgrade. Microsoft is ignoring and abandoning its browser users so folks, my recommendation is go ahead and download Firefox.


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