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Change of power: Will a Linux company be the next Microsoft. July 10, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Nowadays everyone complains about Microsoft. Microsoft is a monopoly, Microsoft is an evil demon who comes through your Windows at night and feeds on your young like Curt Barlow from Salems Lot, good remake i suggest it highly. But my question is, Will things be any better? Think about it. Sure the general consesus is no, that Linux is Open Source and Microsoft Windows is closed. Blah, blah, blah. All talk people it has no substance. The truth is that it would be no better. All it takes is one company to be incompatible with the rest of the world and then you have Microsoft all over again. Look at Red Hat, Red Hat has the most proprietary version of Linux I have ever seen. Sure the core is Open but look at how they lay it out. They preach Open Source and standards yet they refuse to adhere, Novell is not much better. Try installing Groupwise on anything else but SuSE Linux, its a pain in the ass. Novell has completely stripped itself of viability, it went on this binge of Open Sourcing everything under the sun and has completely stripped itself of why anyone should buy their solutions. The situation with Red Hat is much more severe. Red Hat is the leader in the Linux world. Red Hat has the highest marketshare and Novell has yet to topple them because Novell thought that their brand name would save em and that they launched that bullshit in the SCO case that people would be happy and Novell comes out the hero, customers would rush to them. It hasnt happened. Red Hat has the upper hand and if I had to choose a company to support, either Red Hat or Microsoft, it would be Microsoft.



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