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Enterprise Customers Question Sun’s Open-Solaris Efforts July 12, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Interesting article on Suns quest to Open Source Solaris. I have one question, Why oh Why does everyone seem to quote Eric Raymond as an Open Source expert? He may be the OSI president but he isn’t and expert. One of the things that draws my attention is is comment on Red Hat.

“This remark is … obviously directed at Red Hat and is part of Sun’s recent campaign to portray that company as closed source. It will make Sun no friends among developers, all of whom know that Red Hat’s commitment to open source has been steady for far longer.”

Red Hat may preach Open Source but its methodology is far more closed source. They produce a version of Linux that is totally incompatible and non-interoperable with any other distribution out there. Its like I have said before in the past, you have the Linux world and you have Red Hats world.

This is what a consultant out of Phoenix said:

” The license that governs the use of Java is the Sun Community Source License. Developers who agree to the SCSL can download the source code from Sun. They are allowed to review and modify the code, but they can’t redistribute it. ”

Totally false, you can get the source. You can modify the source code but in order to redistribute the source code you have got to undergo compatibility testing. But, you can redistribute the final product. And as any Linux developer would know, I wish a lot of times that that would be the case of Linux.

This whole thing with Sun and their refusal to Open Souyrce java has really gotten stupid. Its Suns code and they can do with it as they please.



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