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How Microsoft Can Embrace Linux July 25, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

This writer is obviously clueless to how the real world is. This Article is from Buisness week where this guy says that Microsoft should offer a version of Office for Linux to keep up with the competition that Microsoft is facing from Linux. Microsoft cannot and will not do this for a few simple reasons:

1. It would cannibalize the Windows division. One of the key benefits to Microsoft is that Office is only available on Windows and the Macintosh. Every platform needs to have its own “killer app” to get customers to buy their platform. Windows and the Mac are the two biggest desktop OS offerings in the corporate world, While Linux has some momentum it is not at a point yet to justify the development effort.

2. The development would be to costly to justify for that little a marketshare. Microsoft would lose more money than what it would make.

3. Too many people would want it for free or too low a cost. One thing that I see is that most people who are choosing Linux are choosing it because its free, They dont want to pay and I do not think the Linux community has matured enough to where they would pay for Microsoft Office for Linux.



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