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Mozilla Thunderbird 0.8 July 27, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Thunderbird in WinXP (Click to Enlarge)Posted by Hello

Came accross this blog entry where the author asks the question “Thunderbird 0.8 is shipping soon (July, according to the roadmap) and test builds have just been announced. Here’s the rundown of the new features you can expect to see: RSS integration, Blocking remote images, Global inbox for POP3 Accounts, Get All Mail functionality, and Better quick search. Thunderbird 0.8 will also come with the usual bugfixes as well as Mozilla Suite Profile Migration and improved spell checker support. This is gearing up to be an excellent email client as more bugs get ironed out. I’ve switched. Have you?”

Oh hell yeah, I love Thunderbird. I used to use Outlook on Windows XP and Evolution for Linux as well as Entourage for Mac OS X. I have switched on all platforms over to Thunderbird. I like the calendar extension as well because I can then collaborate with my friends some of who are hopelessly stuck to the Mac. I look forward to the new features and I am releasing a whitepaper entitled “Using Mozilla Thunderbird in a corporate environment” I will post here when its done.



1. Anonymous - July 29, 2004

People who switch – I love them!

Very interested in your white paper on that – trying to get Thunderbird (and Firefox) as the default tools in my company. Do let me know (via http://blog.codefront.net/contact/) if you can, when you release it. Thanks!

– Chu Yeow

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