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No Defense for Linux – 7/19/2004 July 28, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

What to say,hmmmmmmmm should I even acknowledge this article or should I move on? While I agree with some of what he said, I disagree with some of it as well. Tell you what my readers, if you want me to make a statement e-mail me and let me know, otherwise Im just going to pass this one by.


Ok, I have gotten 5 e-mails already to make a comment. This guy is the extremely paranoid sort, while yes it can happen you just haveto pray for the best. A guy named Big Bert made a comment to this story, he claims that he was a US Military Programmer, yet he lives in New Zealand , but I will bite. He says that the Military goes through code, line by line. For Linux that is impossible and furthermore it is almost impossible to be able to tell what source code is going to do without compiling it first, that is why th Military has the Security EAL (Evaluation Assurance Level) the levels are designed to tell the military and DoD what level of trust to have when dealing with software programs, so if Windows has EAL 4 it is more trusted than EAL 2 Linux. Someone just doesnt have to hijack the kernel, they can also hijack an Open Source peice of code that lies on top of the kernel and code it to shut down a process, reboot the system or otherwise cause Havok, I did that to a friend of mine, everytime he would boot the system the script I wrote changed his runlevel to 0 everytime which caused the system to continously reboot, it was hillarious. But the point is that someone could hide something like that in a top level program and then you got a mess. To recover from my script he had to boot into rescue mode, mount the root filesystem change the permissions and remove it. With that said I think O’doyd was talking more in lines of Open Source in general and not just Linux.



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