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What keeps me from recommending the Linux desktop July 31, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

While I myself may be a proficient Linux user and technically savvy, most of my family and friends are not. They dont care what a hard drive is and if I say the word Java they say “Sure, two creams and a sugar please”. While I may like Linux and Sun Java Desktop System there are several factors that make me not recommend it. First, installation of software. Linux still isnt there with software installation. Most people dont know how to compile software nor do they want to. With Windows installation is pretty straight forward, double click on the install program and it does most of the work. Second, Hardware support. Hardware support is not the greatest and most common devices that are supplied to consumers with Cable Modems and DSL modems are not supported under Linux, some third party drivers are available but unless you know what you are doing you can screw up your system or the device by building the device driver. Hardware installation is still screwy too, most consumers do not know how to build modules, change runlevels, stop services drop into a command line and install the module and restart services. Try to get grandma to do that, she would have a stroke. So yes while Linux may be ready for some users, for most users its nowhere close to being ready.


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