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Will IBM’s History repeat itself August 2, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

IBM has had a long history of fucking over its partners. Im only waiting for it to happen with Linux, its history is also wrought with situations where IBM was screwed itself. When IBM and Microsoft entered their agreement with MS-DOS to power IBM’s personal computers, they lost complete control of the situation which allowed Microsoft to dominate the OS sector, when IBM started OS/2 it dominated the OS market and Microsoft got away with taking its OS/2 research and creating Windows NT, also heavily based on the VAX VMS OS. IBM then manipulated Apple into suing Microsoft for Windows 95, I found the OS/2 GUI a more blatant ripoff of the Mac GUI then I did Windows 95. Apple then turned around and shut down Copeland, an Apple and IBM partnership to create a new Mac OS, and then it screwed over SCO with Project Monterey, now once again IBM is on the recieving end this time from Red Hat. Red Hat continiues to inflate the price of their Linux offerings and now they integrate software that directly competes with IBM’s offerings, wait a sec. Isnt integration what got Microsoft in trouble, IBM is trying to push Novell and SuSE and I think IBM will have to aquire a Linux company or its going to have to break out the KY once again.



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