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Newham and Microsoft sign 10-yr deal August 16, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Newham and Microsoft sign 10-yr deal. Good news for Microsoft, bad news for Open Source advocates apparantly, especially since ‘experts” told California to gow with Open Source for exactly the same reason newham went with microsoft, all a marketing game people. One quote from the register that I liked:

” the study was indeed funded by the software firm . One of the main conclusions of its research was that as well as being cheaper than OSS, Microsoft is more secure than the open source alternative. ”

Does the Open Source community really expect a consulting firm to do an analysis for free? I love the way when people disagree with a study they blow it off as being funded by Microsoft, its noteworthy to add tho, that Netproject, an Open Source consulting firm, didnt recommend linux, theydidnt reccomend FreeBSD, they recommended Microsoft Windows XP and Server 2003 with Exchange, they recommended OpenOffice , MySQL as the database and Open Source messaging and collaboration and they recommended Mozilla Firefox instead of IE but they still recommended Windows.



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