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Operating Systems, the good the bad and the ugly September 6, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

What does it take to be a failure as an OS. Does it take thousands of viruses? Low adoption rate? The truth is no OS is perfect and they all have their flaws. Without a doubt these are what I think are the good, the bad and the ugly Operating Systems:

the Good

Windows 3.x — i liked Windows 3.x probably the best out of all. I liked the old Program Manager as the default GUI and it was just damn stable. Its a shame microsoft made more design mistakes in the future versions of Windows.

Windows 98 SE — Improved a lot from the first version of 98

Windows ME — many people claim ME was a failure. I never had any problems with ME and I found it pretty damn stable, it didnt crash on me and System restore was introduced in this version of Windows. I still have an older laptop with ME on it and I have yet had to reformat or reinstall.

Windows NT 3.x -4.x — Truly a miracle among operating systems but not very user friendly and no USB support but was a truly great series. Some people would rather die than get rid of their NT systems and Servers.

Windows 2000 SP 3 and 4 — Finally seemed to have worked out many of the bugs and it is now a truly stable system.

Windows XP — Like this version a lot. this is the version of Windows that made me drop Linux as my desktop OS.

NeXTStep — OS i was “raised” on, There will always be a special place in my heart for NeXT.

OpenServer — Yes SCO’s OpenServer truly a stable and robust OS. Truly the model that Unix was raised from. Most people that I know that have OpenServer swear by it and they wouldnt consider switching to Linux.

Solaris — Enough said, SPARC rocks!!! Available for x86 as well but not as robust as the SPARC version. I hope that changes.

Linux distributions 8.x up — All very good, still needs work but these are definate improvements.

The Bad

Windows 95 — Truly sucky OS. Windows 95 required that you buy a brand new PC, every update I ever tried or witnessed failed. I had a 486 that never ran right again after I tried to install Windows 95. It was truly depressing.

Windows 98 First Edition — Blew dog and swallowed. While the install actually worked the Blue Screen of Death was the predominant feature of this OS. if you plugged in a printer it blue screened, if you tried to install a program it blue screened. if you looked at the screen funny it blue screened. I swear to god, one time I didnt even touch the keyboard or the mouse and it blue screened.

Windows 2000 SP1 and 2 — Extremely buggy, it took Microsoft awhile to fix the problems but they have and its now considered one of the best.

BeOS — Very hardware picky, several systems I just couldnt get it to work with. Otherwise a decent OS.

BSD’s — All free UNIX not all bad, I just dont like the way they try to shove the beta versions down everybody’s throat.

The Ugly

UnixWare — Just completely sucks, hardware support is non existant and hasnt progressed much from the UNIX of the 1970’s.

Haiku — OpenBeOS — SUCKS!! the developers should really consider abandoning this project. the original BeOS was much better.

Windows 95 OSR1 — It just kept getting worse.

Linux distributions 7.x — All the distributions sucked at version 7, it was truly the unlucky number.

Mac Classic — the technical limitations of this system hampered the adoption of Mac OS. this was a cavemans system and it was really just as briutal.

Mac OS X — A raped, battered and left for dead version of the NeXT OS. All the UNIX design problems of 20 yrs ago revisited yet not corrected. I will wait for Mac OS X v12 before I try this system again



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