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The Sun will rise September 22, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Sun has decided to reinvent themselves. I attended their NC04Q3 event online. Let me give you a brief story of my history with Sun. I used to be a Sun customer. I loved Solaris, I love Java but i had one problem. Cost. Sun made the same mistake that Apple has made and continues to make, they made their own proprietary hardware and OMG did you pay a premium for it. ok, want quality you pay for it. Sun had a real knack for pissing me off, support sucked, you couldnt get them to do anything and every time i talked to a Sun rep it was always, Microsoft this, Microsoft that, Microsoft sucks. That with the coupling that there was a lot and I mean a lot of infighting i the java community, it appeared to be at a stand still. So I did what any self respecting developer could do. I seperated myself from the Java community and when Apple came out with Mac OS X, I jumped on that and was quite pleased with it until that crowd reared their ugly political and religous head. i left the Apple group to it as all they wanted to preach was not how great the technology was but every conversation reflected on Microsoft this, Microsoft that, Microsoft sucks. So I went with the Linux community full time. I considered linux a play toy and i have been using Linux since 1994. I also participated in the GNU darwin project. So what happened, i learned just how much the GPL guys suck. let me get it straight not all of them sucked. The GNU Darwin community doesnt suck. i still have tons of respect for Dr. Love and still help when i can. but i had a lot of bad experiences with the Linux community. I was backstabbed several times. Through all that i stuck with Linux and the open Source community. Once again the conversations turned to Microsoft this, Microsoft that, Microsoft sucks. So I decided to see for myself, and I jumped on .NET. .NET had everything i wanted, from the functionality of Java without the infighting amongst the developers and the backyard politics and religon of the Linux and Mac communities. So i was happy. A couple of months ago i did a review of Java Studio Creator for OSNews and I got interested in Java again, I revisited the community. Most of the old faces were gone, some were still around but overall its been a good experience. i still use .NET alot but I decided to brush up on my java and stay proficient. Now we come back to the NC04Q3. Very interesting, some great product lineups and I am very interested in Solaris 10, particularly compiling Mono for it 🙂 But since Solarix x86 seems to be taking off i want to test it on my test system at home before i make any decisions on it. Whatever happens Sun has a chance to pick itself back up. Lets see what they do.



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