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Gartner Linux piracy claim is pants October 2, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

HAHAHAHA, HEHEHEHEHE, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Im sorry folks I couldnt help but laugh at the OSIA. Man are these guys thick or what. Did they not even read the report? Gartner did a great report by the way. I agree with Gartners assesment though. I know more than a couple of people that have bought Wal-Marts $298.00 Linspire machine and when i explain to them that they cant run the games, they cant run certain software they turn around and buy a copy of Windows 2000 or Windows XP. The OSIA’s argument is laughable at best because they claim that “that if there was no Windows OS on the PC, then users couldn’t pirate other products like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office or Dreamweaver” Guess what numbnutt thats the software that people want to run. The one thing that the OSIA did say that i agree with is that vendors should go ahead and ship PC’s without Operating Systems. Then and only then can we truly tell what OS is truly the winner here. This is a terrible attempt by Open Sourcers to try to retaliate against the “demons” who put down Open Source.



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