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HP sends letter to muzzle Sun’s Schwartz October 2, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

To me this is a crock. HP wants Jonathan Schwartz to quit commenting on HP’s strategic moves. Well I am sorry, weblogs are for stating personal opinions, whether correct or incorrect its Jonathans opinion and I will also say this. Although I sometimes dont agree with Jonathan on some of his entries on quite a few I believe he hits the nail on the head. The commentary about HP is also correct. When you talk to HP they tell you, “Well you can write to this, or you can write to this, or you can write to that” refering to Linux, Windows or OpenVMS they do not market HP/UX as strong as they should and even on the verge of totally ignoring HP/UX. Personally I think HP needs to look at its actions before spreading this kind of action. Sun is strongly commited to Solaris. It has ported Solaris to x86, Solaris to POWER ad Solaris to xeon and IA64. HP/UX still runs on HP’s RISC processors and only RISC processors which I will add are very expensive even more expensive than anything Sun has produced in the past. The “offending ” blog entry is here
Personally Im not a huge Sun fan, Im not an amazingly loyal Java guy either but I do like Solaris and I think that if the shoe fits, HP needs to wear it. I will add that yes I am a HP customer and all my machines come from HP. Sun has started producing some amazing Opteron boxes and when the time comes for Opteron I will be switching. I am a regular reader of Schwartz’s blog and I think he has amazing insight. I hope he doesnt quit blogging.


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