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CherryOS is Cherry BS October 19, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Well as I thought CherryOS turned out to be a scam. This is a shame and I hate that it happened because this guy just destroyed his reputation and will never be welcome to contribute to another Open Source project ever. This happens when you market things without substance. Dont try to cheat people and ripping off GPL code is not a good way to earn friends. This is a lesson to be learned on both sides, first dont be a waste of sperm and decieve people. If you base your product on anothers product be a gentleman and give credit where credit is due and honor the license that governs that code. Second, to the PearPC developers, you guys are trying to make a difference dont let this bring you down. Arben has been exposed as the dweeb he is, just move on and code. Wasting anymore time on this guy is a true mismanagement of time and you are giving his company (which I wont link to) the amount of traffic they want. he wants to market his Java media streaming tool and wanted to stress test it. Also, the crackers that Arben refers to are non-existant. When I read the descriptions of his “hacks attempts” they are truly not impossible but not probable, at some point you need user interaction to achieve the type of goals that he said were achieved. Also, Arben uses Windows Server 2003. It doesnt take days to change that system back. I can do a roll back and make the changes I would need in say, oh, 30 minutes.



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