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Rumors of Microsoft’s Demise Are Premature…But Not Unthinkable cont. October 29, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Let me elaborate more on my response to this article. First let me reinforce that I am not a Linux hater but whjat this dude is saying is not making any sense, he uses Sony and Honda as an example of innovation. There is one big difference in these companies. First, Harley Davidson lost out because they refused to change their designs. Honda came out with the hip an cool crotch rockets. There was nothing technically superior from Harley to Honda. It was simply the cool design that won out, if Harley had changed their designs and if they would have done crotch rockets Honda would never have seen a dime. This is where two markets clash. Harley decided to stay with style and grace, while Honda went for sleek and speedy and Honda introduced a bike that has killed several more people than any Harley Davidson ever has. So you lose out on certain aspects. In comparison, Windows and Linux. Microsoft constantly changes Windows. Windows continously evolves and gets better. Linux is simply Unix 30 yrs later with the same design flaws, non improved. Linux technically has not done anything to overcome Windows, what makes Linux so popular is the social movement behind it. this same social movement that has demonized Windows and Microsoft. When you bring up Linux vs Windows, its not a technical argument anymore, they dont talk about the technical superiority over Windows it reverts to:

“Bill Gates is rich enouh”
“Microsoft is a monopoly”
“Windows sucks because***Fill in your pre-Windows XP flaws here****”
“Windows has spyware and malware”

When Linux gets popular enough, dont worry it will be hacked more and it will be ridden with viruses and malware. Windows has more apps, a universal package installer that anyone can use and massive hardware support and more specialized help available for it. Linux has limited software available for it, limited Hardware support an no universal package installer and I am sorry a common user doesnt want to have to learn to compile and build their applications. Anyway Windows is adapting and changing with Linux in mind, which is a far cry over what happened to Harley and RCA, which just didnt change their product line. When I dont have to compile drivers and applications, then and only then will Linux be good enough for a massive paradigm shift.

Christenson made this statement:

Consider the difference between Microsoft Windows and the Linux operating system. Windows is a highly integrated, interdependent operating system. To optimize the operating system, applications developers must conform their products to meet Microsoft’s interface requirements. Efforts to try to modify Windows to improve individual applications would be disastrous; any individual change would have literally thousands of unanticipated consequences and operating system problems. Linux works the other way, because its goal is to enable optimized applications. The Linux operating system itself is modular. As long as you follow the rules, you can modify it to optimize the performance of an application.

Ask any system developer that works for a business that has adopted Linux how many times they recompile the kernel, more than likely the answer is 0, ask those same developers if they even go into the system kernel to optimize their application? Probably less than half. When i did systems admin work I actually asked my clients how many recompiled their kernel. All but one client never changed, modified or even attempted a recompile. All but that one client used the default kernel that shipped with their distribution.

As I said, from personal experience and just from reading this sounds like the common Linux cheerleading that I hear all the time. Now, Linux has the oppurtunity to improve, create some common standards and change themselves. Will it happen in a reasonable timeframe, I doubt it.



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