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Things that scare Sun’s Schwartz October 29, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Schwartz has some very good points in this writeup he did for news.com. One thing I am going to point out here is this remark:

” Imagine the conversation I had with my child’s pediatrician when I inquired about the same safety net for my toddler. “YOU WANT TO DO WHAT?” Not a good visit. Talk about feeling like I had fangs. ”

Just a few days ago, i swear i had this same conversation with my sister-in-law about my nephew and neice. I agree with him, its a great idea. This way if something happens to the child and a guardian is not around they will know allergies, past medical history, and who the guardians are so that they can be tracked down. My sister-in-laws reaction was similar to Schwartzes pediatricians, she acted like I was an unholy monster for even suggesting they implant something in her children. She considers it branding like someone would brand a cattle. But they wouldnt even feel it. Im sure it will happen. they would need to do trials before they did something like that but nonetheless I think thats a pretty good idea.



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