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Author of Linux Patent Study Says Ballmer Got It Wrong November 19, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

With a rebuttal of its own study, how can we trust what OSRM has to say? First they say Linux infringes on 286 patents, now they say it doesnt. RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. First lesson in spotting Linux zealots, they always say whatever it takes to try to humiliate Microsoft or Sun Microsystems. Red Hat dioes not offer indemnification for any of its product Line. they say they will give you SOME funds to help you in court, they will not fight the case for you. Nor will they pay the entire price tag. HP indemnifies like Novell, they will only fight for you if you use their approved code. They take away from the spirit of Linux because the customer is no longer able to control what they do with the system. An Open Source program has been sued for copyright infringement, unless Rachiver is saying Linux is not an Open Source product.. As for Novell and IBM “promising” not to sue Linux customers for patent infringement, and promising to use their patent portfolios to protect customers. One thing the SCO situation has taught me. There is a fine line between friend and foe and even the greatest of allies ie SCO, can turn on you like a rabid dog in no time. I would feel more comfortable if Novell and IBM would transfer their patent rights to OSDL or the FSF but since that wont happen, i dont trust them as far as I can throw them.



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