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Sun Proposes New Open-Source License December 4, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Once again Sun has touched a nerve with the Open Source community with their new license that is based on the MPL, Mozilla Public License. All the arguments I have heard from the open source community are just basic derogatory crap that we all hear when a competitor to Linux adopts anything but the GPL. Im sorry that some feel they have to compete by demonizing a company instead of actually delivering a decent product. Linus Torvalds believes that Sun wont find a community to stand behind Solaris with this move, ironic others in the Open Source community said the same thing about the Wix community. Wix is an Open Source project started by none othwer than Microsoft. Yet Wix has almost 100,000 supporters. I think Solaris has the best bet to be enhanced and i think adopters and supporters will be those who want to actually build a better product rather than trying to feed social movements.

**Editors note: I had said in this post that Linus had stated a community would not have built up around WiX. That was a mistake as Linus didnt say that. I apologoze for any misunerstandings.



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