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Linux: Fewer Bugs Than Rivals? December 14, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Why is it that I feel that this article rings of BULLSHIT. hmmmmmmmmm. Well first, lets look at their own statements. They claim to have studied the Linux 2.6 kernel for 4 years, since the year 2000, my problem with that is that the Linux Kernel version 2.6 wasnt even a twinkle in Linus Torvalds eye back in the year 2000. Second the Linux kernel rings in about 10 million lines of code, now. How can they know how many bugs proprietary software code contains when they dont have the code and more and likely. They also state that Windows XP weighs in at 40 million lines of code, compared to the 5.7 million lines of code that they claim for Linux, which i think is off, they came off with their statement by saying that with every 1,000 lines of code you have 20 to 3o flaws. Now if Windows was 5.7 million lines of code then wouldnt it be fair to say that it would have the same amount of flaws compared to Linux. The more code you have the more flaws you have, also with Windows XP, the GUI, CMD,IE and kernel code is all rolled into the final product. So in my opinion to get the accurate number of flaws in Linux you would also have to include all the shells, the GUI, the X-Server. Everything. Now with Windows when you pull out the GUI, IE, CMD then the code gets smaller. Very few flaws and viruses even affect the Windows Kernel most of the flaws, viruses etc. target the upper layer parts of the system.



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