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MSN Desktop Search December 14, 2004

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Really ultra cool and a lot better than Google and some of the others I have seen. The only problem I have with it is the deskbar, takes up way to much space but the indexing works fast and it keeps track of everything compared to Googles tool. So how does desktop search work? Very simple, when once installed it keeps track of your files, where you move them, where you store them, any changes that you make to the document. The MSN Desktop Search also indexes Metadata in your documents so you can also search by key words. For example, if i want to find every letter I have wrote to my mom, I would just type in “mom” in the search bar and any document with the word Mom comes up. Now this also helps with organizing my porn collection, yes i have a lot of porn, I can organize my porn by the compexity of the porn. I can organize it by threesomes, straight sex, paint and chocolate sauce and it can tell me what file I want to play. Also by actress name, so if I want to find the Boat porn by Jenna Jameson in the search bar I type “Jenna” or “Jameson” , “boat” or “sex” and Im there. While the Google tool is also web based, Google Desktop Search installs a mini web server app on your computer, MSN does not so I dont get the occasional “404” errors that I used to get with Google. I love, I mean I really love the MSN Desktop Search.

You can download it here

WARNING: Windows 2000/XP only. If you are running anything other than Windows 2000/XP you have bigger problems than not being able to install this tool.



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