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Michael Robertson: Jackass extraordinaire January 13, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Michael Robertson once again, opens mouth, inserts foot and tries to look important. Technically I was right, I said at the beginning of 2004 that Lindows would cease to exist and would be a memory to everyone, and I was right, they became Linspire so Lindows did indeed cease to exist. Some of his predictions are a hit, but most of them a miss. Im going to go over the misses:

4) Microsoft announces plans for Microsoft Office for Linux

I doubt Microsoft will and I really dont see why, linux still has meager desktop adoption in businesses and I dont think Microsoft Office for Linux is worth Microsofts time and trouble.

1) After buying IBM, Lenovo leans toward Linux

Lenovo did not buy IBM, they bought the computer business and Lenovo would be stupid to cut their own throats by discontinueing or cutting Windows support. We have seen what happens with companies that bundle an OS with a low adoption rate (Apple) and unfortunately, the Linux desktop is not ready for most large enterprise desktop

2) Windows Media Center suffers BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)

This is a common myth, Windows Media Center did not suffer a BSOD, the remote did not work. There was NO/NO/NON/ZILCH/NADA BSOD during the CES keynote.

Michael still sees Linux as the Microsoft killer, It isnt and it wont be. Live with it Robertson….


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