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IE 7 leaves Windows 2000 users out in the cold February 15, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

eWeak is carrying the story as a Windows 2000 customer, I do use Windows XP as well, but as a Windows 2000 customer I would really like for someone at Microsoft to explain to me what Active Support is. My thinking, which may be flawed, is that Microsoft would provide security updates and patches through the products lifecycle until the end of mainstream support date. Is Microsoft really as committed as they say to customer satisfaction, or is their support policy as follows:

We will provide patches and updates as long as the problem is not too complex and we feel like it, otherwise you guys are out of luck or cough up the volume license fee’s for Windows XP.

I mean jesus f—ing christ the mainstream support time limit hasnt even passed yet. As I have stated to some Microsoft guys, I dont want the firewall, I dont want the security center, I dont even want the improved wireless networking. I just want a version of IE that does not get the heebie jeebies (malware) when I visit every other web page.

As a customer I have to ask myself, if I have to continue to peice together my infrastructure because my main provider has the tools yet are unwilling to allow me to utilize them, whats the point? Why should I stay?



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