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Torvalds And Linux Heavyweights Sound Off At Open-Source Summit February 22, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

I have an imense respect for Linus Torvalds, and Mitch Kapor but after reading this article I personally think in the case of patents and such, both are equally clueless. Software patents are not WMD’s (Weapons of Mass destruction) as stated by Kapor and not a stumbling block. I think kapor and Stallman have been drinking the same thing to say otherwise. Collaboration or lack of is not a valid excuse for the lag of the Linux desktop. When I was actively involved in the Linux community getting these people to work together withoutb a major fight brewing was a challenge and seeing where theyb are at now I can honestly say no progress has been made otherwise. the problem with the Open Source community is that they want to committee for everything. They have a unified and distinct environment, its called KDE. GNOME is the only one thats in peices but no one is happy with KDE, so we are no back to square one. Yes, patents are a necessary evil. if I have a great idea and turn it into product, do I not deserve to be rewarded? Do I not deserve to make monetary gain? I do admit, sometimes the patent office is to lineant in awarding patents but in most cases I dont think they are. If you want Open Standards then try to develop something better than what I have put together, but dont infringe on my IP because I will be coming after you. The patent system protects developers, it protects my intellectual property. Sure, it would be nice if we could all stand beside the campfire and sing hymms from sun up to sun down, but it isnt that way. i did the work, I expect a payoff. After all time is money and time is not something we have an infinite supply of.

So Kapor, get your head out of your ass and step away from the pipe, you are getting dangerous and even more unbearable.



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