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Mozilla Chairman Mitch Kapor Speaks Out February 24, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Any respect I had for Mitch Kapor is gone now. I cant believe this man is so fricking clueless over the state of technology today. First, Microsoft is not trying to switch users over to proprietary standards. Microsoft is utilizing very heavily in XML, which is an Open Standard used in many Open Source projects, and publishing many of their format specifications for review. Microsoft is building VisualC# by the C# Standard Spec Version 2 by ECMA
Which is an open standard and there is talk that they are going to open up the specs on WindowsForms which is the only proprietary element they have left in their development environment. They have done an amazing job at interoperability with Windows Services for UNIX and in partnering with Vintella for Single Sign on technologies and also with Apache in developing an ASP.NET plugin for the Apache web server. They host two Open Source projects and they sponsor Paint.NET a Open Source Project. Kapor and the rest of the Open Source group in my opinion is doing a fantastic job of spreading FUD about Microsofts intentions with trusted computing. Its not to lock you into the platform but with the ever prevailent shadow of viruses and Malware its to protect users from the nasties out there on the web. Read my lips..YOU CAN STILL RUN UNTRUSTED APPLICATIONS ON LONGHORN and you will remain able to do so well into the future. But if you install something, Microsoft has the ability to point the two finger gun at ya and say “we told you so” trusted Computing does not keep you from running any legacy applications if you wish to do so. People want Microsoft to be more open in terms of source code, but Microsoft is a business and they make business decisions. Running off of donations and the generosity of others will only get you so far and will not build a sustainable business. Now, as for Open Source producing better software and iron tight software, what a crock. Linux Security.org tracks and logs Linux vulnerabilities, there a a great number of Linux vulnerabilities, a lot that arent patched. Windows Server 2003 for example has only had 44 Security advisories by Secunia a site that logs security vulnerabilties. In their report , none of which were of the extremely critical nature. My favorite browser, Firefox had 8 advisories 75% of which remain unfixed while Internet Explorer had only 32% of which were unpatched. But alas this is not an argument of who produces better software. My point is that work needs to be done on both sides and the Open Source community needs to quit touting their superiority and get the job done because from the trackrecord, the amount of vulnerabilities and the library of un-user friendly software out there, they need to start producing quality code and quit trying to demonize proprietary software.

These are the facts and they are undisputed.



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