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Judge Makes Tentative Ruling Against Sites in Apple Case March 6, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Im kind of double dged here Apples suit againts the sites Think Secret, Appleinsider and PowerPage is coming along. Im a blogger, I dont consider myself a journalist, I just bring you guys the news that other sites report if I find it interesting enough and I give you commentary thats it. Now if Apple wants to argue that no online news site is protected by the first amendment right then I think the argument is flawed. I consider sites like MacSlash, Slashdot, OSNews, eWeek, and yes even the Register as news sites. I dont go to Appleinsider, Think Secret or PowerPage enough to really comment to them. But, for the most part I dont consider those types of sites news sites. I consider them sites like mine, we bring you the news that we find interesting and offer you commentary. When I made my predictions about Apples future products, Flash Player, PhotoPod as I called it, and a search tool like WinFS. I think what saved me was that they were predictions and not fact yet, although yes I turned out right, I didnt include CodeNames or shipping dates. I feel for these sites but then again when you dangel red in front of a bull you end up with the horns.



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