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‘Enemies of Linux’ try to undermine OS March 8, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

What a friggin jaq-off. Nelson Pratt a member of OSDL is screaming up Linux security and maturity. Whatever, Linux is secure yes, Linux is good yes. But I personally dont see a viable business model where any OSS provider can remain profitable. Support for Linux does suck right now, if you have a problem good luck in getting help from your provider. I dont see that as offering the ‘same level of support as any big enterprise version of Unix’. Im not going to go off in a pissing contest with some people over Linux and how great whichever is but Im going to make a comment on a part of the article:

Pratt cited a recent poll of OSDL members which asked how many had purchased servers with an OS pre-loaded and then removed and replaced it with Linux. Virtually all of them claimed to have taken this action.

“However, going the other way was totally different. We asked how many had swapped out Linux and installed Windows and nobody had,” said Pratt.

To that comment I will say this: No f#$%king sh%^t numbskull, they are a member of OSDL, it wouldnt make any SENSE for them to swap out Linux for Windows, what would be the point. You have to look at A) What do they do their development on eg Linux B) What do they continue to support, err Linux. Now ask them the question. When you buy servers and stations for your Windows and Mac OS development efforts how often do you swap out Windows or the Mac OS for Linux? And I bet virtually all of them will say they dont. Pratt also makes the comment,

” At OSDL we are trying not to be religious about Linux. We do not want to be evangelists about Linux where it is not practical to put Linux. For example, enterprise resource planning and data warehousing are on the horizon but there are not robust solutions yet,”

The whole article and his ‘testimonial’ sounds religous to me. Im not saying Linux is bad but for 80% of what I do right now, its not adequate and I dont think it will ever be, as long as the infighting and inability to make competent and common-sense decisions cant be done by the Linux community. I don’t see a war with Linux and I have often been called a traiterous bastard because I speak out on Linux and that Im often times critical of Linux. Im critical when I think they deserve it, Im just as critical of Microsoft and Apple when they make a move that I think is extremely naive or sensless. And opinions do differ, although I may think its naive or sensless doesnt mean they do as well.



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