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Win2K Is Ending–VARs Need New Alternatives Now April 22, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Stevie boy from eWeek once again opens mouth and inserts foot. Win2k is not dead, the only difference is its going into the extended support phase and is not going to be under Mainstream support. In my opinion, mainstream support for Windows 2000 ended a long time ago, you see extended support only gives security focused patches and hotfixes, does not add new fuctionality or features to the OS, mainstream support offers other patches, fixes and features beyond security patches. Microsoft cancelled 2k SP5, its not the first time Microsoft cancelled a service pack release. They cancelled Service Pack 7 for Windows NT 4 which was supposed to add USB support. Anyway, Microsoft cancelled mainstream support about a year ago when they refused to release Windows media Player 10 for Win2k and they are refusing to support IE7 on Windows 2k. I hate to tell Stevie this but, most serious Win2k users, not the self proclaimed experts who run Win2k in their basement, are happy with just security fixes, they dont want feature changes this late in the game, they just want tokeep their machines up and running. If you have a problem with a certain App such as IE, they can either use Firefox for their browsing or they can wait for the new Netscape which will have the IE engine built in to which they can run those few remaining explorer only apps. I have tried the Netscape 8 beta with some of them and it works suprisingly well, if you are upset that Office 12 wont be available on Win2k, try Open office 2.0 when it comes out, or OpenOffice 1.1 works well with most Office documents as long as you dont use alot of Macros. The same is true for IIS, want to go to Apache go right ahead, it works and I have been running it on 2k for a better part of the last 2 years and I have had no issues. You want the desktop search that everyones been raving about, try Copernic or MSN Desktop search. I cant on good concious however reccomend Googles desktop search tool because it has many issues i very much dislike. The point is there are many alternatives and Microsoft is not the sole provider of services or apps for the Windows OS. This is not the end, we 2k users are in much better shape than Nt 4 users. If anyone has a question about 2k or the solutions I mentioned above, by all means e-mail me and I will help you work on it, and if you have Apache questions about ASP and ASP.NET I will assist with that as well.



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