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WinHEC 2005 April 29, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

WinHEC 2005, what to say about it? Unfortunately I couldnt be there, but Hardware doesnt interest me as much as Software developement so I will probably, knock-on-wood, go to PDC this year. The one in 2003 was extremely nice. Anyway, I have watched the keynotes and downloaded the material and read it. The first major announcement was 64 Bit was released which was supercool. I want an Opteron now to run it. The second major announcement was that the driver model is now complete for Longhorn. Which is a very good thing becasue what was frustrating about the previous builds was that they were always changing shit. Now we know what to expect, what code needs to be written for Longhorn and the driver model seems to be stable, hooorah for that. Next was the search, organization, and visualization. The demo’s are awesome. Now Im going to take a minute to talk about Longhorn build 5048. WinHEC was what I expected, a hardware conference, I wasnt expecting much from Longhorn in this conference, while Im sorry some people didnt like it the major building blocks were put into place which was the most important thingthat could happen. I disagree with Paul Thurrot from Winsupersite, Longhorn is not going to be a “train wreck”, I dont think Longhorn development will turn into a “train wreck”. I do like the GUI, Im mixed about the sidebar. The most important thing developers need to be aware of: This build was not meant to WOW anyone, it was meant so that Microsoft could get Longhorn into Hardware developers hands, which they did, So far, in my opinion, Longhorn is shaping up to be a very awesome release.



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