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Paul Thurrott’s Windows Longhorn Build 5048 Review May 6, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Well, I usually think Paul does pretty good work. But with this review. Im going to be quite blunt about it, its a peice of shit and I think Paul didn’t do his homework nor do I think he actually spoke to anyone at MS about it. But thats okay because Paul is a journalist and journalists are allowed to screw up every once in awhile. I will say this, Im not terribly dissapointed in Longhorn 5048, why? Because its a developer preview release. Microsoft said this a bunch of times,”WinHEC was not the coming out party for Longhorn, it was the coming out party for x64″ They said it in interviews, Allchin said it on Channel9. What does paul want, someone from microsoft to come slap him repeatedly and repeat the mantra “This is a developer preview”. Personally I disagreed with a lot of his points. i do happen to think that Microsoft is making progress, the UI on these DP’s (Developer Previews) may not be the prettiest but I thought of the rest of them that this one was perhaps one of the best. It served the pupose that it was intended. For {aul to criticize it now, why doesnt he download the latest CVS unstable version of any Linux distribution. That will give him a reason to complain.



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