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SCO’s Legal Wrangles Take an Odd, Personal Turn May 13, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

eWaks Steven Nichols wrote an editorial piece about Maureen O’Gara publishing some personal information about Pamela Jones of Groklaw. I myself have never had the pleasure of Ms. Jones company, just merely some exchanged e-mails with her. do I think O’Gara was wrong it what she did? No, I don’t. I think she went a little too far in it, the photographs and publishing of addresses should not have been done. But, i do think the world should know who someone as influential as Pam Jones is. This is important because if you look at 95% of the SCO stories on the web, all of them point to Groklaw as a reference and unfortunately someone who controls that much of the public perception of SCO’s case should be forthright about her identity. This is not just someone creating a fake ID and talking trash in a blog. Being that Pam Jones is from IBM country defiantly hurts in my opinion, this should have been known from the start and it does raise concerns over how much, if any, control IBM has over the content of Groklaw and it definately x2 the biased nature of Groklaw. I do know one thing that I wont go into extreme detail about, Ibiblio’s sponsoring of the Groklaw site has nothing to do with IBM. I myself contributed some to Groklaw and used to be a regular reader but I have found Groklaw has taken on many of the traits of the Linux community, political, fanaticism, and more opinion and heated argument than actual news. I do feel sorry that things happened this way for Pamela and as I said, O’Gara went too far, but the Public does have a right to know. In this situation probably more so than any other.



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