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Mad as hell, switching to Mac May 26, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Interesting article, in some ways I lose what the author is tring to say but what the hell, Im going to respond to parts of this article.

” Even though I’m a security guy going on 22 years now, my day-to-day work is pretty much like everyone else’s. I live on laptops and use my desktops at home and the office for geeking and experimenting. My two day-to-day laptops (two, for 24/7 backup) are my business machines. I don’t need them to do a whole lot – except work reliably, which is why I am fed up with WinTel. ”

Sounds like he has pretty good qualifications for a security guy, I can honestly say I dont get where the two laptops come into play, I run 4 backup machines at home running 2 Windows 2000 machines, Windows XP, and Longhorn and I dont have reliability issues at all. Maybe Im just lucky.

” I want my computer to function every time I turn it on. I want my computer to not corrupt data when it does crash. I use a handful of applications: Microsoft Office, e-mail, browser, FTP client and some multimedia toys. Regardless of format, they should work without crashing. ”

The few system crashes I have had, I havent had corrupted data. Office 2003 lets me recover files i was working on in the event of a crash. Application crashing happens because of poor developer practices. Not necessarily Windows. I have had app crashes in Windows but not anything that brings down my system.

” I live on the ‘Net. I do not want my browser to eat up all of my memory. In the WinTel world I need an assortment of third-party tools to try to keep my PC alive. That’s just crazy. ”

So do I, and i dont need an assortment of tools. I use standard web browser, which includes a pop-up blocker and anti-phishing technologies but to me that doesnt make up a wide assortment of tools. My browser doesnt eat up all my memory, so in general my question is, Huh?

These are his explanations of why WinTel is destined to fail:

“Windows is complex, trying to be everything to everyone. This complexity comes at a terrible price: downtime, help desks, upgrades, patches and the inevitable failures. ”

Every OS has a level of complexity and each OS has its flaws. Each OS has upgrades and patches. In Linux installing third party apps is a butch, in Mac OS X I cant tell you how many times I have had to delete an apps preferences to get it to run correctly again. In Linux I cant tell you how many kernels I have had torecompile to get it to run a certain device driver.

” WinTel machines use different versions of BIOS.”

That absolutely has nothing to do with anything software related.

” Some Windows software applications are well written; others take shortcuts. ”

Thats not a Windows specific problem, I have run into poorly written software on UNIX, Windows, Linux and Mac

” Here’s my answer to the WinTel problem: We need an open Simple Operating System (SOS) that meets the needs of the majority of people who buy PCs for everyday home and enterprise tasks. Get rid of the complexity and simplify the interface between SOS, BIOS and hardware. In other words, KISS. You know what it means. KISS SOS.

Because SOS doesn’t exist yet, my company has given up on WinTel. We have successfully moved to Mac in less than two days. Think about it: a security-friendly alternative that works and doesn’t require gobs of third-party utilities to safely perform the most mundane tasks. Please follow the details of our experiment at”

Maybe its the new “Mac” smell or maybe this guy is trying to compare Windows 98 with Tiger. But throughtout most of this article, Im like “huh?” Yes we need a new OS, one thats simpler and maybe Longhorn will be the savior, maybe not, but for right now on the intel platform Windows is the best one for right now. Either way, I hope this guy enjoys his new Mac and best of luck



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