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Microsoft puts Roadblock in front of Open-Sourcing Avalon and Indigo June 21, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

eWeak is reporting that Microsoft says any attempt to clone Indigo or Avalon for a Open Source project will need to license the API’s from Microsoft. The Mono group already launched an Indigo initiative beofre the news came out. Well so it seems but….

“Miguel and I discussed this a couple of weeks ago, and the answer [is] basically we do not have plans to implement Indigo, so this discussion
is more or less moot,” said Kevan Barney, Novell’s senior PR manager. Is this guy serious? Of course he is he goes on to say…

“The reasons we wouldn’t do Indigo have to do with its usefulness (or lack thereof)—not because of IP issues,” said Barney. Ok seriously thos, who is this jackoff trying to fool. Lets see you are sponsoring “Monoindigo” which is a clone. your lead Mono engineers are working on it. Um, Mr. Barney, you are not a very good liar and BTW your little retort has nothing to do with Indigo’s usefulness or lack thereof, you are just pissed because you got caught with your pants down and now you want it to look like its big, bad, Microsoft who is trying to be an asshole and not youy who are ripping them off. Be a man, license the technology.



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