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How Microsoft Will die July 3, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

First point of issue, this article comes from a Mac enthusiast site. Now I should not respond to this guy because everytime I write about Apple, unless its good, my inbox gets slammed by Apple (pick one, enthusiasts, zealots, lunatics, zealot bastards). But I cant help myself, a article this, for a better word, stupid is aching to be responded to.

” WFS: Cut,.NET Framework: Cut, MONAD: Cut, Integrated Search: Cut,
Avalon: Who knows? Indigo: Who knows? ”

What the hell is WFS? Its WinFS. Yes cut, but not abandoned. Who cared anyway, Apple couldnt copy it into Tiger anyway. Not yet at least. .NET Framework? I can tell this guy is not a Microsoft follower, this is only one peice that makes it evident. Microsoft did not cut the .NET Framework, the only thing is that some apps they planned to deliver with Longhorn were going to be written to the .NET Framework, and they decided not to do it. Once again, not a big deal and there was no major “outcry” from developers or consumers like Im sure anti-MS folks were hoping for. MONAD, cut? WRONG. Monad will be included with longhorn, in fact it will be included with Exchange 12 this year which means, Monad will run on Windows 2000/XP/2003. Muglias comment was misinterpreted to mean MONAD would be READY in 3 to 5 years, what was misinterpreted is that Microsoft will cut cmd.exe from Windows in that time and MSH will be the new command line. And since it will allow no dochandler to be written for it this will cut down on a bunch of the batch type script viruses from working, so REJOICE. Integrated search is not being cut at all, it will be included. Users can use Windows Desktop Search which includes code from Longhorns search facilities, WDS is better than spotlight anyhow and so Longhorns search should blow it away. Good for us. Avalon and Indigo will be delivered with Longhorn and backported to XP.

” IE7: You can repaint a Kia, lower it down, put rims on it and think you are
cool, but at the end of the day it is still a Kia. ”

IE7 will no doubt be a step up for MS. the only reason I will not allow it to be the default browser is because it wont be available for Windows 2000. Netscape 8 or Firefox are great replacements tho. But whats funny is that Apple is repeating Microsofts mistake and have integrated Safari with Mac OS X Whats even funnier is Apple has done the same thing with Mac OS X

Mac OS X = NeXTStep
Spotlight = Digital Librarian
Dock = NeXTStep Dock

among many others.

To say Microsoft is “repainting a kia” is like the pot calling the kettle black, considering Apple just repainted a 89 Mercedes and tried to pass it off as a 2005 model.

” They have always been their worst enemy. Shoddy software practices are forced on
programmers due to incompetent managers which in turn produces the mess that is
Longhorn. ”

Wow, we have an MS programmer here who says he is given shotty orders. Do you know these managers? Can you give specific examples of these shotty orders? Thats like calling someone ugly dude, extremely childish. As for Longhorn being a mess, while everyone is quick to call Longhorn a “Trainwreck” or a mess. Every version of Longhorn that I have used, from the 4000 builds to the most recent WinHEC build 5048, have all improved. Nothing has gotten worse. Some may complain over something they dont like, I see the progress. I will hold off to call Longhorn a failure until the RTM or Gold Release.

” Making matters worse is Steve Jobs. He has Apple humming like fine tuned violin.
Tiger is everything Apple promised and its only been released for three months
or so. And I imagine things are only going to improve.  And if that wasn’t
enough Apple is going to squeeze out yet another OS before Microsoft can get
Longhorn out the door. Ouch, yet another kick in the balls. Then you have this
whole Macintel thing going on plus rumors about the iPod/ITMS/movie business all
of which draw the attention of the media towards Apple’s successes. ”

Well good for Apple. Im glad they are going to release another OS before Longhorn ships. It just means I will have to take the Macs at work offline and retest everything to make sure Apple didnt perform any major fuckups like they did with Tiger where they broke alot of stuff. Windows XP and Server 2003 has proven to be very reliable and very stable, Windows 2000 as well cant leave it out. SP2 was the last major test I had to do with Windows XP to make sure nothing broke, which was 1 in 5 years. Lets see I have had to do 3 with Apple, Jaguar, Panther and Tiger and Numerous tests with Linux. Wait, count that 4 with Apple since Leopard will ship before Longhorn. Among my peers and the many CTO’s and IT staffers I know. Not many of them have complained about Microsofts release schedule. The only major complaints I have heard are from the few that bought into the whole Software Assurance fraud.

The Linux crowd has more problems than a fragmented user base. They really need to work on consumer oriented issues. If my grandmother has to compile software or check for dependencies to install a package she needs then there is a problem, its not consumer ready, if she has to compile drivers, change runlevels or copy inf files over, then its not consumer ready. Linux desktops are good for people who know how to maintain them, or who have staffers who know how to maintain them.

” News flash! Longhorn is going to be drastically overshadowed by Leopard and
Macs running Intel. Make no mistake about it, Jobs is a master showman. As such,
he will wait untill the best moment possible and then try and wow the world with
all of Apple’s new toys. Who wants to cover a stripped down, bare bones, bug
infested OS like Longhorn (which is already being called XP SP3 if that gives
you any indication of how bad things are) when you can go look at Leopard
running on a pumped up PowerMac with Intel’s latest and greatest chip inside? ”

Whatever, Jobs is a used car salesman. he has a great pitch. As for the latest and greatest Intel based Macs, why in the hell is anyone going to care except that they can buy a comparable Dell system for hundreds less? In fact Im waiting for the news that someone has gotten OS X to work with a Dell or generic system. Those that will care about the OS are the ones who dont want to be tied to the hardware vendor.

” More bad news for MS is called Cedega.
And do you know why it is bad? Because it allows Windows only games to be played
on a version of Linux called Linspire. Uh oh. Thats not good. ”

I can tell the author hasnt tried these products. Cedega is good if you want to play 5 or 6 year old games. Cedega is extremely slow, almost to the point i want to KILL myself with the newer games. Its not even competition.

” Throw all of the current Windows code away. All of it. Everything from 9x to XP
to Longhorn, everything has to go. It’s all crap and its time to jettison those
reeking piles of poorly written, buggy code. ”

This will cover the Throw it away and Start From scratch. 9x has been dumped. The NT Kernel is a very good kernel and there is nothing wrong with it. The upper level parctices are whats killing Microsoft right now. Tight integration of the browser to the OS is a problem, BTW IE is not part of the kernel. The Registry, good concept, bad implementation is not gooid for the OS but everything kernel wise is pretty sound.

I didnt argue all of his article just certain points because the rest is so idiotic and Mac zealot saturated that i saw no point. If he thinks Longhorn is a failure than by all means let him believe, he is entitled to his beliefs. I for one am excited about Apples move to Intel and about Longhorn. I have used Mac OS X as most of you know, and I have my own opinions about it.

James Stoup wrote the article, BTW the full article is here. Every article he writes is Windows bashing with ussually nothing constructive, so read it, laugh and have a safe 4th of July. This will be my last post until Tuesday



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