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SCO e-mail: No ‘Smoking Gun’ in Linux code July 15, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Well it does appear that IBM will win its case, possibly. I can hear it now “WHAT DO YOU MEAN POSSIBLY!!!!!!!!!!” Well seems that Groklaw managed to dig up an e-mail that says no smoking gun was found in Linux in 2002 according to News.com. The only problem is that the engineer that wrote this e-mail was also going on the findings of an outside consultant done by Bob Swartz. Simply put the engineer Michael Davidson said that “An outside consultant was brought in because I had already voiced the opinion (based on very detailed knowledge of our own source code and
reasonably broad exposure to Linux and other open source projects) that it was a waste of time and we were not going to find anything.” Now you expect me to believe that Mr. Davidson managed to memorize and can remember every line of code in UNIX and Linux, that is so much a crock of shit. I think it was more like broad exposure to the Open Source community influenced his opinion. SCO released Thursday an e-mail from Swartz that said “that there was some code that was line-for-line identical to Unix and other code that appeared to be rewritten, perhaps to disguise that it was copied.” Swartz did mention that it was not entire programs, but rather “fragments of code.” He also stated that, ” The fact however that there are pieces of code which are identical to those in the Unix source and others which appear to be simply a rewriting of Unix code is clearly disturbing.” I also find that very disturbing and am willing to concede that maybe some mismanagement and lack of safety practices were kept out of the Linux contribution process. Does this show SCO has a case or not? IMPOV they may have SOME points in their case. Also, the analysis done by Swartz was done in Oct of 1999, back when Ransom Love was the CEO of SCO. It appears to me that SCO as a company had been planing this move for a long time.



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