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If Linux ruled the world how secure would it be July 19, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Nice write-up by ZDNet. I have my opinions on this, and I believe that whether it was secure or not Linux would be pulling in security headaches. We have all seen what happens to Firefox when the pressure is on. More vulnerabilities and code missteps are happening now than when it was a newborn. But people will find a way, they will not look at the system and say “You’re running Linux, Im going home!!!!” They will find a way to hack it and the type of attack scenarios would change. Most virus infestations happen to people who dont know what the hell they are doing than those that do. Viruses do exist for Linux just not as much as Windows or Mac. Where there is a will there also lies the way. Criminals will always find the way.


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