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Loyalty and software July 22, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Because of my recent blog entry “SCO: fish or cut bait” I had some people actrually question my loyalty to Open Source, calling me a traitor to Linux and the software industry. Let me explain something first. I believed and still do to a point that SCO has no significant case. I do believe they have a dispute, its being heard and the Linux community and others are proclaiming their dissatisfaction of this case. Do I think some fishy stuff is going on by the Linux development team? Yes I do. I came to this conclusion from watching this whole drama very carefully and looking at how the Linux community responded to the situation. I saw Groklaw go from a good resource to a very immature, half reporting Linux biased fan site. Nothing what I contributed to in the past. This is not neccessarily the fault of PJ but it has gotten way out of control. Did I insult PJ? I dont think so, I just said it took awhile to find out the facts on her and had I known at least her origins from the beginning, I may not be as suspicious as I am now. I am a public person, i dont care what people think of me. You know my name, you know what race I am and that sometimes I can be a stubborn bastard. I dont put personal info such as living address and any place of employment or declare to speak on behalf of my employer because this is a personal blog. Its easy to know if people knew where I worked to construe I am speaking on behalf of my emloyer or employers and that can cause a real problem. Buit for future reference, I dont speak on behalf of anyone but myself.

Now, where do my loyalties lay. I have a few set of loyalties in my life. here is the list of where my loyalties lay:

1. Kids
2. rest of the family
3. myself
4. emplyer

No where in that list does Linux or the software industry fall. I would die and I would kill for the kids. Dont fuck with my babies cuz if you do there is no Angel in heaven or hell that will protect you from me. If God came down and told me to leave you alone if you did something to the kids i would give him the middle finger and say “Something else you will have to forgive me for”. I would not live or die or kill for the Linux community or the Linux OS. Sorry. if Linus Torvalds developed a major brain tumor tomorrow I would say “Sucks to be him” then I may say “I hope he recovers”. What I do think is sad is that some people have nothing better to do than worship software like some kind of cult and no, Im not reffering to only the Linux community.



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