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Windows Vista beta 1 issues August 1, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

I have had Windows Vista Beta 1 installed on my PC since the beta was released. Helping out and filing bugs is a shitload of fun but we do have some issues.

iTunes works and it works well. You can add music, rip music, burn music. But if you like the visualizations dont enable them. Windows Vista crashes with the visualizations. I have tried this with the DWM enabled and disabled. I have informed Microsoft and Apple of the issue.

Internet Explorer 7 crashes erratically and sometimes it will not render pages at all instead being stuck in limbo. You will have to force quit and restart IE. Otherwise its pretty solid. Firefox does work well on this beta.

I dont know if this is an Adobe issue or a Windows Vista issue. Reader will sometimes not render any pages on a PDF. This is also erratic. I have a 42 page PDF that renders fine on both my Macs and my Windows 2000/XP and Solaris box but it will not render on Windows Vista at all but most other PDF’s will work just fine.

UPDATE: All PDF’s render fine with the Visage Free PDF viewer.

Open Source Applications that do work:

OpenOffice 2 Beta and 1.1.4 work fine
GAIM works fine
The Gimp works but has some ignorable errors
Yahoo messenger
Quicktime 6.5
Real Player 10 works
Paint .NET works but it will flash when opining a picture
Semagic works
CD Burner XP Pro works fine

Applications that do not work:

Skype installs fine and will start up but crashes almost immediately
iPodder refuses to subscribe to any Podcasts
Netscape 8 Firefox viewing works but the IE engine will render some pages weird
Adobe Audition quits unexpectedly

I will post updates on the blog and I will soon do a similar entry for Longhorn Server (Windows Server 2007)



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