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Microsoft doesnt get it. And probably never will August 7, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Microsoft has a huge problem and one that supercedes any competition thats offered to them by Mac, Linux or Solaris. Its piracy. China, where the piracy of Windows products are more rampant than anywhere else. Microsoft has a large installed base in China and Asia where most of it, unpaid for. Its pirated software. In the US its more casual and accidental, what I mean by accidental is that shady small time computer “makers” install multiple copies of the same Windows XP installation on many computers. Casual because Windows XP is installed on all PC’s and only XP Pro seems to be the main culprit. Microsoft initiated an anti-piracy program called WGA or Windows Genuine Advantage. Is it working, for most of the casual victims of piracy it is but for those that pirate Windows casually its not.

As News.com reported Pirates have found ways around WGA which brings up the questions, Is WGA a failure? Is Microsoft wasting their time? I dont think WGA is a failure, look at how many people its helped get legal. While some alternative OS people are quick to point out, You can download an alternative, supposedly superior OS for free or change your entire platform and risk losing all your peripheals. The point is I dont find WGA disruptive nor do I find it unnecessary. Also, its Microsofts property and you should respect their EULA. Mac OS X has the same EULA as in you can only install the Mac OS on one machine and thats it, but many violate it. I think Microsoft is wasting their time as piracy has been around for centuries, from the swashbuckling vermin of the 16th century to the keyboard tapping vermin of today. You cant stop it. I guess we wll wait and see what Microsoft does but its worthless. The only way i can see microsoft even curbing widespread piracy is if they quit licensing OEMs and sell the software directly which will be a mess and allows OEM’s to offer Linux or an alternative. Or start prosecuting some of these pirates and crackdown on the P2P sites that deliver pirated software. Even those measures will slow it down but it wont kill piracy and Microsoft would lose in the long run. Microsoft drop WGA and concentrate on the users that care that they are recieving pirated software, quit fucking with improving WGA and improve your product. In the long run, people who want to pay for software will pay, for those that dont. They wont and there isnt a fucking thing Microsoft or anyone else can do about it. The only thing WGA is doing now is putting a leash on the legit owners and hassling them to prove time and time again that they really paid for the software. The intentional software pirates, arent even being affected much by it.

BTW I am a legit owner of Windows XP




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