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Darl McBride’s open letter and 10 reasons to choose Open Server. August 8, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Darl McBride has written an Open Letter detailing the benefits of OpenServer 6 over Linux and he does a pretty good job. One of the details on security specifically:

” Unfortunately for Linux, mi2g also confirmed that the Linux operating system has become somewhat of a hacker’s paradise. In a study conducted only seven months ago they found that overall, the most vulnerable operating system for manual hacker attacks was Linux, accounting for 65.64% of all hacker breaches reported “

A commenter on Slashdot asked if that statement was true. It is very much true, I read that study but the Linux community, whined and cried and of course cried foul and questioned the legitimacy of the report. Mi2g though, stuck behind the report.



1. Anonymous - August 9, 2005

It seems that only way fight against Linux is spread BS.

btw. Robert I listened your first “audio blog”. Have you made new one or are you going to do?

2. Roberto J. Dohnert - August 9, 2005

Whats BS? And yes, I have put out 4 episodes.

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