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Linux Kernel Code May Have Been in SCO UnixWare August 9, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Groklaw has an article on the deposition of Erick Hughes. Where Hughes says there was some kernel code used in SCO UnixWare in the LKP (Linux Kernel Personality). While LKP does allow Linux code to run on Unix it is not a full Linux distribution, and it was based on SCO Linux which had code contributed back to the Linux Kernel project thus it conforms to the terms of the GPL. While I believe that Linux code “influenced” other parts of UnixWare this little tidbit is a non-issue as SCO more than contributed the code of SCO Linux to the Linux community and has kept its promise, it no longer distributes the LKP with UnixWare. The LKP was more or less a layer, similar to a virtual machine if you will trhat allowed Linux code to run on top of UnixWare. If the LKP is in violation of the GPL so is Suns Linux compatibility layer it includes in Solaris as well as Microsofts Virtual PC, VMWare, some portions of Services for UNIX. PJ also threw in the supposed line from Darl McBride in his Open Letter that claims the GPL is unconstitutional which is utter bullshit as that quote never appeared in his Open Letter and while interesting this article reeks of the Groklaw zealotry and biased tendencies. This no win for the Linux community as Groklaw and the rest of the Linux community would want others to believe.



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