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Why did I get a Rio Carbon instead of an iPod this time August 12, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Right now I am considered the black sheep, the son of a botch, Satans illegitimate child and why? Because I elected to get a Rio Carbon and not a new iPod. My old iPod isnt dead but right now I have the largest capacity iPod shuffle on the market. The display is black, as in I cant see anything on it so I decided to use that iPod as a portable Firewire drive and get a new player.

Why did I choose the Rio Carbon? The Rio Carbon has more capacity than an iPod mini without the problems of the mini, I actually know a person whose iPod mini actually wiped its own drive, erased every song. There are other problems like scroll wheel malfunctions and I decided to save myself the trouble. With the Rio Carbon, I can use many different music stores. I can use MSN which I personally think has a nicer UI to it than the iTunes music store and is more responsive in downloads. If I get pissed at Microsoft I can use Real Rhapsody and even if i wanted to I could use the Yahoo and Wal-Mart music stores (mighty big if). With the iPod I can only use one store, the iTunes store. I could use the other services but that would also require me to burn to a CD and rip in MP3 again since the iPod doesnt work with WMA. The Rio Carbon supports MP3 and WMA and I can listen to Podcasts and I personally found the sound quality to be better. Im not stuck with AAC which nobody else in the world supports. I also found the Carbons controls arent as touch sensitive as the iPod controls.

In the long run I found the Carbon to be a better bargain, not as buggy and with my experiences so far, definately worth checking out.



1. Anonymous - August 12, 2005

Consider that iPods are more popular, so the number of any problems with things like the scroll wheel would be proportionally higher, this is to be expected.

And whilst you think you’re safe by getting music from “other stores”, they’re all in the WMA/WMV format, and most of them are either tethered or rental downloads. If you stop paying your subscription fee or the company goes bust, then you’ve just lost all your songs.

2. Edward - August 12, 2005

iPOD shuffles don’t have a display, so how can it be black?

3. Roberto J. Dohnert - August 12, 2005

” iPOD shuffles don’t have a display, so how can it be black? ”

No its a 10 gig regular size iPod but the screens gone black but it will still play music. You just cant see the display.

4. Anonymous - August 24, 2005

Rio is smaller, louder, easier to transfer songs, cheaper and who wants to be a sheep n e way?

5. Anonymous - October 1, 2005

After I filled up my rio I noticed it slowed down considerably when switching between songs. Have you noticed the same thing?

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