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Using GAIM with Google talk August 24, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

This is for you Linux and UNIX users

Here are the directions to use Google talk with GAIM

# Connect Server: talk.google.com
# Resource: Adium
# Port: 5222

On the account setup

Choose Jabber

Enter your screen name without the gmail.com
On the server line enter gmail.com
On the resource you have to use Adium or iChat, leaving the resource as GAIM will not allow you to connect
Enter your password if you wish to save it

Click on Show more Options

Check “use TLS if available” in case it isnt checked
Use Port 5222
For Connect Server use talk.google.com

This will allow you to chat



1. nakul aggarwal - August 26, 2005

hey buddy,
thanx for the info for making it work in linux but it is still not working for me 😦

I am behind a proxy and i tried both with and without proxy but its still not working. Any other clues/solutions.

thanx anyways

2. hually - August 28, 2005


just wanted to say thank you for posting that. it works flawlessly, just as you described. good job.

3. Gaim with google talk at Chris Gallagher - February 12, 2007

[…] eventually foudn this post on the tech journal which stated that if you use “Gaim” as the resource name, it wont allow you to connect […]

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