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Massachusetts to adopt ‘open’ desktop September 6, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

I stayed relatively quiet on this issue because I didnt want to piss anyone off with my thoughts on this, but today I decided; Fuck it. I cant make everyone happy. Personally, I think the reasons that Massachusetts gave as their reasoning is a crock of shit. Massachussetts wants to adopt the openDocument format hey thats fine. But say, ” Hey we are cheap bastards and we are extremely pissed that Microsoft will not be offering Office 12 for Windows NT 3.5, which we still use” at least be honest, because right now your citizenry dont know OpenDocument from RTF. It wont be easier for them to use and it sure as hell wont be a simple migration since you have to convert and fix millions upon millions of documents. Most people get Office 2003 or WordPerfect shipped on new PC’s. Come to think about it, why didnt Mass choose Wordperfect, sure its format is proprietary but it does export to a XML file and a PDF file. But in any case it would be easier to switch to Office 12, because with Office 12 you get an open and royalty free format, Microsoft is also planning on offering add-ins and exporters for the new formats that will support Office 2000 – Office 2003 that will also maintain , more than likely, the features of your current documents. And it will probably be easier for your citizenry to download and install a lets say 10 mb file and install rather than a 80 mb file, extract it, install it just to edit one frickin document.

In an InformationWeek article
Mass. IT director cites a patent risk from Microsofts format. Ummm ASSHOLE!!! Microsoft indemnifies its customers, its not a risk to you. Show me the patent risk. Ask the Open Source community who indemnifies you? The half assed indemnification clauses that Novell and HP offer that say they will indemnify you as long as you use HP and Novell certified code but if you change anything yourself your indemnification is void? or perhaps Red Hat with their pledge to give customers $100,000.00 to prtect themselves should customers be sued for patent infingement claims, which in a civil case like that $100,000.00 gets eaten up rather quickly. Mass. is using its citizens as an excuse, but really people thats not the real reason.
Oh, I can hear it now,”What about PDF for Office, that costs $700.00″ Here is an Open Source PDF virtual printer for you guys.

UPDATE: Here is a statement from Jean Paoli; where he clears up for the reasonably minded person anyway, the licensing terms of the Office XML schemas

Here are the licensing terms


1. Anonymous - September 6, 2005

Fuck you loser. Linux and fsf will win you m$ losers rot in hell

2. Jonathan Merriweather - September 6, 2005

Disregard the above comment from Mr. Anonymous, he obviously realises that he has no argument against what u have said. Linux is great… for my router.

3. Anonymous - September 6, 2005

The PDFCreator link you provide is not a viable option for any business environment. Read the bug track status and that alone will scare away most from considering it for anything but home/test use. There are other PDF exporters out there that work better. Google for them (or MSN Search if you really worry about who’s search tool you’re using)

4. Anonymous - September 6, 2005

you fucking suck. your just another imbred little shit from the south who follows the corperate money instead of thinking on his own. instead of harping on mass for moving to open source why don’t you fucking fix all the problems with your beloved microsoft.

5. Toby Johnson - September 6, 2005

You really think that an institution that still uses NT 3.5 gives a crap about what Office 12 does and doesn’t support? MS Office hasn’t added any substantial new features since Office 97. Massachusetts has no delusions that moving away from MS Office will cost them a lot more effort and money then if they just keep using what they’ve got. This is obviously not about the money.

6. Anonymous - September 6, 2005

Don’t confuse massachusettes citizens for your imbred hick people. mass residents are some of the most tech savy people in the country.

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