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OSDL Calls Microsoft’s Bluff September 6, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

It is a good question. Where is Office for Linux? First, I dont think Linux has enough Marketshare as a desktop system in the enterprise. Microsoft at one time was going to kill Office for mac because the marketshare dropped below what Microsoft deemed as a reasonable investment. But either way, Cohen answered his own question.

” As you look at the acceleration of Linux on the desktop, making Office available to run on top of Linux is something I think we could work on together, especially to meet the needs of those Global 2000 customers with a large number of Linux servers, which they are growing rapidly and are matching their number of Windows servers,”

Linux is rapidly growing in the server market, even most reverent supprters of Linux on the server still use Windows or Macs on the desktop. Linux desktop offerings are still lacking and deployment of Linux desktop systems other than on developers desks, which most of them dual boot, is not truly growing all that much. Linux still takes a great deal of technical expertise to work right and Linux doesnt support much commodity hardware. Mac’s in a business setting, I gather have more of a presence than Linux does. BTW didnt Microsoft have an Office for UNIX at one time? A port would not be a big deal, just right now its not financially worth the time or effort.



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