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Applekeys and Open Source September 9, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Well guys, as most of you know I have been harboring Thom Shannons program Applekeys. Its a driver for Windows systems to use the Apple Pro Keyboards that remap the F13 to F15 buttons for the Apple Pro keyboards on a Windows PC. Well I got ahold of Thom and got all rights and permissions for the code including licensing the driver however I wish. Well, on Oct 1 2005. I will be releasing the Applekeys program and all source code under an Open Source license. Will it be GPL? Nope, Will it be CPL? Nope, Will it be BSD? Nope. So what license will it be distributed under? I will be distributing the code under the Sun CDDL license. I know it will probably be a very unpopular decision among most Open Source die-hards but I feel CDDL to be by far, the fairest to contributors, developers and users.

Its a VB 6 app that Im currently working on to port to .NET so it probably wont be of any use to the Linux community.



1. IvyMike - December 17, 2005


Did the October 1st release happen? I made a quick search of the net and of your blog, and nothing popped out at me.


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