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Eric Raymond Gets Job Offer From Microsoft September 9, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Eric Raymond was offered a job by Microsoft and instead of a decent reply. he sent this to the recruiter. I do believe in showing respect to people even if I disagree with their politics. The same with a company. His reply was grossly zealous, childish, immature and showed what a cumstain Eric Raymond truly is. I am glad I dont use Linux anymore, one of the reasons I left that community is because I don’t want to be associated with people like that. Thanks for the reminder Eric how truly disgusting the leaders of the Linux community can truly be. Raymond writes:

” I’ve in fact been something pretty close to your company’s worst nightmare since about 1997. “

If he believes that then he truly has a distortion of reality. What a pompus ass.


” Oh, no; I’d be just as determined to do in any other proprietary-software monopoly, and the community I helped found is well on its way to accomplishing that goal. “

At least he has a sense of humor, but in case he is serious, well, I hear Thorazine comes in vanilla flavor now.

I honestly think tho, his reply was a huge win for Microsoft. I somehow doubt anyway he would have been able to pass the whiteboard test that Microsoft has their candidates complete and he would have simply wasted Microsofts time.


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