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Vista too expensive for upgrading September 15, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Jack Messman from Novell and Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols both seem to think Windows Vista will cost too much for business to seriously considering upgrading, Steve lists some reasons and he like most other Linux advocates miss the point.  They have never gotten it, nor do I think they ever will.  Most people who are going to utilize Windows Vistas high end features already have the systems capable of doing so, those who have older 1 to 1.x ghz processors such as secretaries and most line workers will not be able to utilize Windows Vista high end graphics, nor do I think their bosses will want them to.  Most Windows 2000 shops who are considering upgrading will be getting new machines, machines with either Windows Vista or Windows XP preloaded.  

      Most shops utilize the strategy, when an old machine breaks roll in a new one.  Most companies don’t just throw out every machine they have and start from scratch.  How many of us still work in an office where you have that rogue Windows 9.x machine or Mac OS 9 machine still running somewhere in a corner.  Since Microsoft is releasing the OpenXML schemas for Office 2000 – Office 2003, those products still have another 3 – 4 years left.  I don’t know how much Windows Vista will cost, nor do Steven J. Vaughn – Nichols or Novells CEO.  I think they need to leave it up to us that manage the environments and who actually work in the field to determine whether Microsofts offerings are of sufficient quality to justify the costs. Nichols says there is no cost justification for moving to Windows Vista which is total hogwash.  Better security, better productivity, ease of management, ease of use, ease of deployment, better stability and reliability.  All of which are paramount.  

         Anyone who says they see no justification for moving to Vista is full of shit and obviously hasn’t really used the product.  Having the product installed on a Virtual machine whose performance sucks anyhow doesn’t count.  Installing it on a machine and not using it doesn’t count as usage either.  The only thing Microsoft has to fear is Mac OS X, when it hits the x86 platform, Microsoft will have a real job and will have to modify licensing and pricing.  Im not saying Linux doesn’t have a chance.  There are some that will deploy Linux, will use it but from what I have seen of Vista and of the recent distributions of Linux.  Anyone who says any Linux distribution that is released today beats Windows Vista and or Mac OS X needs some very serious counseling.



1. Anonymous - September 15, 2005

Spot on. This sort of thinking is stupid — we heard the ‘XP is going drive users to Linux in droves’ story before, and look where that went. I mean: does anyone really think: “oh oh, Vista’s now out, let’s chuck out entrenched apps, years of training and IT experience and go with … Linux, because we need to keep these 5-year old PCs around another 5 years.”

Especially when these 5-year old PCs will probably be running Eiger before long.

2. Anonymous - September 15, 2005

D’oh, here’s the correct Eiger link.

3. Andrew Spiering - September 15, 2005
4. Anonymous - September 15, 2005

I think Windows Vista should be designed to run on a 100 MHZ machine so that NOBODY EVER HAS TO BUY A NEW COMPUTER!

That’s smart!

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